7 Simple Methods To Alter The Input On A Roku TV (2022 How-To)

My Roku television is already great.

I enjoy connecting it to external devices.

Thus, I have expanded input options.

It’s just that constantly switching inputs might be tedious.

This is…

Until I discovered a number of straightforward methods for doing so.

Keep reading to discover:

  • Seven simple ways to switch the input on your Roku TV.
  • Which third-party voice assistants can be used to operate your Roku TV.
  • An app that instantly transforms your smartphone into a Roku remote. • Much more…

Seven methods to alter input on a Roku TV

There are numerous straightforward ways to adjust the input on a Roku TV.

But before we leap to each technique…

There are a few essential points that I must raise:

  • Instructions for setting up Roku TV inputs.
  • The distinction between Roku TV and Roku streaming devices

Roku TVs vs Roku streaming devices

“Hold on, aren’t they the same?”

In fact, they are not. Although these terms are frequently used interchangeably.

Roku TVs are actual smart TVs using the Roku operating system.

For example, the TCL 3 Series. Or the R6 Series from Hisense.

Other Roku TV manufacturers include:

  • JVC.
  • RCA.
  • Philips.
  • Sanyo.
  • Hitachi.

In contrast, Roku streaming devices are those that are plugged into a television. Comparable to the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Ultra. Both of which are compatible with non-smart TVs.

This tutorial primarily applies to Roku televisions.

How to configure Roku TV inputs

Additionally, it is vital to remember…

You must configure your Roku TV’s inputs before using any of the guides on this page. This is how:

Step 1: Connect your external device to a port on your Roku TV.

Use an HDMI port for a streaming device or a game console.

Utilize the AV port when connecting a VCR. And a coax port for cable box connection.

Step 2: Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

Third step: select Settings.

Step 4: After scrolling down, select TV Inputs.

Select the port where you connected the external device.

For instance, you connected your Xbox One to the HDMI 1 connector on your Roku TV.

Consequently, locate HDMI 1 and pick it.

Step 6: Select Input setup.

Your Roku TV should then add your external device to the main menu automatically.

This would make switching from one input to another simple.

Alright. At this point, we are prepared to discuss the various methods for changing the input on a Roku TV.

Let’s continue.

1: Using the Roku TV remote control

Changing the input of your Roku TV is simplest via the remote.

It only requires a few clicks.

Here’s how to change the input using the remote for your Roku TV:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Utilize the arrow button on the remote to search for the desired input.
  3. Select the input you desire.

That is all. Your Roku TV should immediately switch to the input you pick.

“An error occurred while attempting to modify the input!”

If your Roku TV is unable to switch inputs, it is likely due to an OS error. Or the connection to the external device may not be secure.

Simply unplugging and reconnecting the device to the TV will resolve the issue.

And by rebooting the Roku device. Simply unplugging it from the outlet will suffice. After 30 seconds, reconnect the device to the power source.

2: Utilizing the Roku TV button

Let’s say you lost your Roku TV remote. Or it’s no longer working.

However, do not worry. It occurs to many individuals.

There are other simple ways to adjust the input on your Roku TV.

And one of them is the control button on the television.

Unlike earlier televisions, Roku televisions have only one main control button. It may be pressed and moved in various directions to browse the Roku interface.

Now, I did state that Roku has worked with multiple smart TV manufacturers.

As a result, the locations of the buttons will vary.

Here are the possible button locations on a TV:

  • Bottom left,
  • Bottom right,
  • Behind the television

Attempt to locate the control button first.

And once you’ve located it, take these steps to change the button’s input:

  1. Once you press the button, the Inputs menu will appear.
  2. Pull the button downward to highlight the preferred TV input.
  3. Release the button.

Your Roku TV should instantly switch to the selected input.

Here is a visual instruction on how to change the input using the control button on a Roku TV:

3: Roku Official Remote Control app

Additionally, you may use your smartphone to switch the input on your Roku TV.

Simply download the Roku Official Remote Control application.

It is accessible through the App Store and Google Play Store.

Install it immediately on your smartphone if you don’t already have it.

Then, follow the instructions below to link the application with your Roku TV:

First, ensure that your mobile device and Roku TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

Step 2: Launch the Roku remote app on your mobile device.

Step 3: Tap the Remote icon located at the bottom of the app’s display.

Step 4: Click the Connect button. The application should then begin looking for a device. Until your Roku TV appears in the app, you must wait.

Step 5: Select your Roku-compatible television.

That is all.

Press the Home button on the app’s remote to change the input. Then, choose the required input.

4: remote with a push-to-talk button

Why touch any buttons when you can simply speak?

Yes, voice control is possible on Roku TV. In fact, there are multiple approaches.

Are you in possession of a Roku Voice Remote?

If so, the push-to-talk button can be used to change the TV’s input.

Simply look for a button depicting a microphone or a magnifying glass. It’d depend on your remote version.

Then, press and maintain pressure on the button.

Now, for instance, you want to switch to HDMI 2…

Simply state “switch to HDMI 2″

Easy, correct?

There’s no need for a magic word. According to Roku, only a natural and conversational tone is required. And the television should recognize your command.

5: Hands-free voice guidance

If you possess the Roku Voice Remote Pro…

You can change the TV input without using your hands.

Unlike the prior procedure, no button will need to be held down.

First, confirm that the hands-free option is enabled. The button is located on the left side of the remote.

After activating the button, you can begin speaking commands.

With the hands-free method, however, each command must begin with “Hey Roku.”

Suppose you wish to change the TV input to AV.

Simply state, “Hey Roku, switch the input to AV.”

When issuing voice commands, ensure that you and the remote are not too close to the television. Otherwise, the TV audio may prevent the remote from picking up your voice effectively.

6: Alexa

These Roku remotes are not the only voice-control devices available.

You can also utilize voice assistants from third parties to modify the input of your TV.

Obviously, it is impossible to discuss voice assistants without discussing the most popular one.


And sure, Alexa is Roku-compatible.

Moreover, connecting the two is incredibly simple.

You need only three items for this to work:

  • Alexa app.
  • Roku account required.
  • Alexa-enabled device.

The Roku account must be the same one you use for your television.

If you’re an iOS user, you can immediately download the Alexa app from the App Store.

Or the Google Play Store for Android users.

A few instances of Alexa-enabled gadgets are shown below.

  • Echo
  • Echo Show and Echo Dot

How to connect Alexa to your Roku TV:

  • Launch the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Select Menu.
  • Select the Skills & Games option from the menu.
  • Locate Roku via the search bar.
  • Select the Enable button.
  • Sign in using your Roku account credentials.
  • Select Roku TV from the drop-down menu and click Continue.
  • Wait for Alexa to locate your Roku device. And then choose it.
  • Select the Alexa device with which you wish to associate your Roku TV.
  • Tap Link Devices.

Complete with each step?

You may now instruct Alexa to switch the TV input.

For instance, “Alexa, convert Roku TV to HDMI 4”

7: Google Assistant

As an alternative to Alexa, you can switch the TV input using Google Assistant.

What are the prerequisites then?

You’ll need a device that supports Google Assistant. Nest audio is one example.

Then, you must install the Google Home application on your mobile device.

It is readily available on the Apple App Store. In addition to the Google Play Store.

These are the steps required to link your Roku TV to Google Assistant:

  1. Launch the Google Home app on your mobile device.
  2. Select the plus sign symbol.
  3. Select Set up device by scrolling down.
  4. Select the option Have something previously configured?
  5. Select the search icon and conduct a search
  6. Sign in using the same Roku account you use for your television.
  7. Choose your Roku TV and press Continue.
  8. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

After that, you may begin speaking with Google Assistant to modify your television’s input.

Say something like, “Hey Google, please change Roku TV to AV.”

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