Guild Wars 2: The Future Of Online Role Playing Games

Guild Wars 2: The Future Of Online Role Playing Games


Guild Wars 2, the game developed by ArenaNet released on August 28, 2012. Guild Wars 2 features some of the features of its predecessor, Guild Wars, with improved customization options, questing mechanisms and more. This is a game that will keep fantasy gamers busy for months or may be even years. Guild Wars 2 has a number of features that are of great interest to the members, or game players. These features are the following.

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and the second game released by ArenaNet. It has a number of differences with the original, Guild Wars. Some of the helpful features of Guild Wars 2.1: Guild banks. You can save a large amount of money when you purchase homes or shops in every map. However, you can only save up to a certain limit.

Chromadrom 2.0is a feature that showed up in Guild Wars 2: Rune-Fury. It is a program that Rogues can use, when the red blinking eyes of the undead are defeated, to gain a short term gain of power in response to a specified event. After winning a battle, a Rogue can then spend 3 blood points to increase their strength for a short amount of time.

Hotkey systemThe main feature of this feature is that players are allowed to perform actions (most of the time) without moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard. It involves pressing the hotkey button several times within a few seconds. The advantage of hotkey system is that you can continue to play without missing important character that is taking place simultaneously.

Another great feature is the party-tool. This is a tool that is exclusively designed for second and third years of any gaming career. Party tool allows you to invite several of your friends to play with you simultaneously. It will also allow your friends to play without holding any hybrids along with you.

It is worth noting that a lot of the first years of Guild Wars 2 were under development. Up until August 28, 2012 ArenaNet didn’t even have a beta ready. By September 5, 2012 they had made a new game with improved features and graphics. The beta was launched on September 14, 2012. ArenaNet released a lot of these first, making some of the players unable to play with other strangers.

More customizationI am a great big fan of the way Guild Wars 2 developers have been able to add more ways of character customization. They have been able to add the ability to change the armor, the weapon, template, and more. It all adds to the character development. It also helps make the game and style of the character more one of a kind.

Player ability shiftersYou can also use a tool that is referred to as the “player ability shifters”. These are tools that are offered to unlock different abilities, bonuses, and more for the purpose of assisting players. There are a total of six types of ability shifters, which include the Ranger ability, the Necromancer ability, the Warrior ability, the Engineer ability, the Thief ability, and the Ranger ability.

GraphicsA new Guild Wars 2 release is the new continent of Sudos, which is a vast land, with a lot of features, pier capability, ability to fly, and more. ArenaNet has also created a new character generation system, which allows for players to take on these new characters, with these ability shifters. As mentioned earlier, there are six ability shifters, which include the Necromancer, Warrior, Ranger, Engineer, Thief, and Guild Wars 2 Champion.

Processor demandThe new release is also beneficial in that it causes a demand for more processor demand. Take a look at the top three requirements CPU and most preferred by Guild Wars 2 players, and you will find that Crystal Dynamics Omen CPU  is roses foremost. Crystal Dynamics Omen 70 is the last CPU available, which is based on an unreal engine 3200+, with a pixel render target of 32x. The pixel render target can vary from 32x to 48x. Over a 48x pixel target, you will get a smoother performance that is specifically tuned to single precision and dual precision. This makes for very smooth andLODed enemies.

Unreal 3 engineThe other thing to be understood is that Guild Wars 2 is all set to make use of the new Unreal 3 engine technology, with a focus on the next-gen console.

Unreal 3 is known for greatly improving graphics, with a specifically added focus on CPU performance. Because it is a CPU intensive game, it is a lot better to have the new Unreal Engine 3.0 for Guild Wars 2. This is especially true on feature – and not just performance.

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