Tips to pump a longboard beautifully

Tips to pump a longboard beautifully

If you want to skate faster without stepping off of your longboard, why don’t you try pumping? This funny technique is especially used for long distance. All you have to do is to swing hard from the right to the left to change the directions of the front truck. Once you know how to pump correctly, you can even skateboard without pushing for such a long distance. For those who are new to this kind of technique, follow our instructions below!

How to pump a longboard?

Pumping is not really tricky at all. It is a little bit of repetition such as digging left, swinging up and digging right. You should focus on the movements of your body. Use your shoulders to instruct every motion. It may look like you are swinging or throwing your shoulders in 2 opposite directions. Just imagine that you are throwing it down towards the heelside or toeside. And remember not to use your feet or legs to drive the pump as this will not cause enough force for the pumping.

Tips and tricks for a good pumping

  • Create a rhythm-If you want to pump correctly, you should know how to swing left and right properly and control this rhythm along your way. This will help you to maintain momentum and build speed.
  • Put all your pressure on your heels or toes-This technique will support you to control the weight in each direction you want your longboard to ride.
  • Dig in-If you forget to push and dig in into every carve, all your efforts with the board will be meaningless. You will feel tired and give up pumping quickly
  • The role of your front foot is to lead-It is because the momentum is generated mainly from the front foot
  • Practising and practising. Learning how to pump is learning how to feel. You ought to feel comfortable with your longboard by spending time riding with it. Then, naturally, you can feel the flow of it and can pump super easily.

The right setup for a good pumping

  • Choose a flexible deck. This will help you to dig in, bounce back and up much easily so you can change directions without any obstacles. In addition, this kind of deck also brings you more force to drive or get down a pump. Our advice is to opt for top mount skateboards as they offer the best leverage over the trucks while being able to turn flexibly.
  • Go with bigger wheels. Whichever wheels bigger than 70 mm are better than the others since they can keep the momentum during your ride. Therefore, you can stack and build up speed.
  • Soft bushings are the best. Soft bushings let you fully turn and lean your truck. Super high rebound bushings such as Venom SHRs or Orangatang Nipples can even support your bouncing out and conserve your energy.
  • Choose the right trucks. Narrower trucks are highly recommended for pumping but they cannot generate top speed and are not so stable. In the meanwhile, wider trucks can provide higher speed that is suitable for a long ride. However, they need more force and drive from the riders.

If you are tired of pushing, why don’t you try pumping? It may be hard at first, but the results may surprise you a lot. You can both save energy and move faster with your longboard. So just keep on practising and choosing the right devices to enhance your experience with this kind of sport.

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